Special Kneads and Treats Selected as the July 2016 Nonprofit of the Month

Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. has been operating now for almost 2.5 years. With God’s blessings we have ensured that hundreds of children in our community who may not have had a birthday cake received one of our personalized cakes to share with their family. Additional blessings have also allowed for us to currently employ 13 special-needs adults to assist in these endeavors. At present we have 145 special-needs adults on a wait list that desire to have a place to work and receive a sense of pride and accomplishment.

For all of this we are extremely grateful and humbled by HIS presence and our supporters’ generosity.

We are now being led to expand the mission and God’s will for Special Kneads and Treats. We are looking to obtain a permanent “NEW” home within our community for a completely handicap-accessible commercial kitchen.

This is our hope and dream for an acquisition of property and a building that will serve as our base of operations with a full commercial kitchen that is completely handicap accessible to employ more special needs and provide greater services to those less fortunate within our surrounding areas.

The overall vision is to distribute our products to not only those in need but as well to Special Kneads store fronts in surrounding cities that are staffed by even more special-needs adults.

Our vision is to replicate this model across our Great Nation as this is a much needed area in many lives.

Click HERE or more information about Special Kneads and Treats.