Gwinnett Chamber achieves major successes in Membership Blitz

Gwinnett Chamber achieves major successes in Membership Blitz

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s second membership blitz exceeded goals, expectations and broke a few records in a collaborative two-day, high-energy event.

“It’s certainly been an exciting week at the Gwinnett Chamber,” said Vince DeSilva, Gwinnett Chamber Sr. Vice President Membership Services. “The membership blitz truly exceeded all of our expectations. The event presented staff and Chamber members with a unique opportunity to tell our story to a broad, diverse audience, and share details with each new member how their specific business could benefit from membership.”

Organized by the Gwinnett Chamber and Your Chamber Connection, the membership blitz demonstrated strength in numbers and set new records in the region for number of members gained, number of volunteer participants, and revenue brought in. The event, led by one chairman and 170 volunteer team members, resulted in 151 new Chamber members. For two days, members all types of business throughout the region teamed up to compete against one another in educating businesses on the value and benefits of Chamber investment.

“When Addam Taussig first asked me to be an Event Chair, my heart rate went up and I had some major anxiety. Spring is my busiest season and I knew the my schedule was already over extended. However, because Gwinnett and the Chamber has given so much to our family business, I decided to go for it. I recruited some amazing team captains and ended up meeting tons of people and having a great time. Everyone worked hard and I was so glad I got to be just a small part in giving back to the Chamber,” said Teddy Russell, event chairman.