Charbel Aoun


Describe what you do for your company.: As the Executive Director of Georgia FirstGen, I lead and manage the organization. This includes overseeing our strategic direction, ensuring alignment with our mission and objectives, and managing our team to foster a positive work culture. Building and maintaining partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations is a crucial aspect of my role, advocating for the needs of first-generation students. Engaging with our students and witnessing their growth and success brings me immense joy, whether through mentorship sessions, student-led events, or their stories of resilience.

Describe what your company does.: Georgia FirstGen offers a range of services and resources to support the success of first-generation students in higher education. Through our mentorship program, students are connected with experienced mentors who provide personalized guidance and support throughout their academic journey. Community engagement initiatives promote civic responsibility, skill development, and networking opportunities. Our scholarship programs help alleviate financial barriers for deserving students. To stand out, we prioritize meaningful connections between mentors and students, focus on sustainable community impact, and offer value-added services such as workshops and networking opportunities.

List any of your achievements.: First-generation college student, Atlanta’s 30 Under 30 by the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Atlanta, one of Gwinnett’s 35 Under 35 by Gwinnett Young Professionals, and a recipient of Georgia State University’s 40 Under 40.

Fun fact about yourself.: I am an avid drummer and have been playing the Arabic drums for over 20 years!

Georgia First Generation Foundation
Executive Director



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