Melanie Hoit



Describe what you do for your company.: I am the Business Development Manager of Sourced. I help empower companies to stay focused on the core of their business.

Describe what your company does.: Sourced is a back-office service. We have 5 pillars to our business: virtual assistants, human resources, marketing, accounting, and talent acquisition. We focus on the small to medium business sector. Outsourcing improves core business activities, increases efficiency, controls costs, broadens a company’s reach, and gives it a greater competitive advantage.

List any of your achievements.: Personally, my three beautiful children are my greatest achievement.

Professionally, I earned the0 Eagle Recipient Award with RE/MAX 2021,2022, am a Presidents Club member for Nextel Communications, a Presidents Cabinet member for Verizon Communications, and was a team member of the NCCAA National Champions Toccoa Falls College Women’s Team.

Fun fact about yourself.: I was in the Guinness Book of World Records for being a part of the longest Baseball/Softball game. I am a gearhead; If there is a car show somewhere you will find me there. My favorite cars are engineered by German and Japanese-based companies.

Business Development Manager


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