A year ago, Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Chief Economist, Dr. Jerry Parrish reported that Gwinnett’s economic outlook was strong. That sentiment continued in his mid-year update during the Gwinnett Chamber’s monthly On Topic Luncheon presented by Porter Steel. The secret ingredient? A steady and stable approach to economic development. Georgia’s pro-business climate and measured investments in economic development have all heavily contributed to a positive outlook. Parrish credited the Georgia General Assembly for making sound policy decisions that gave businesses the confidence to grow and expand in Georgia.

Parrish reported the job recovery numbers in Georgia and Gwinnett were ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the nation due to population growth. Gwinnett has led the state in both domestic and international migrations since 2010 (178K and 13K, respectively). Gwinnett also recorded record growth in the high-value and high-skilled jobs added since 2020. Still, it was not all good news as Parrish noted that inflation continues to run high, leading the Federal Reserve to likely keep interest rates higher for longer. However, economic development is more valued when the economy slows, which is why continued investment is crucial to ensuring a positive economic outlook.

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