On June 7, United Child Actors Network celebrated their business with ribbon cutting!

United Child Actors Network (UCAN) is a one stop shop for everything the parent of a child actor needs to know. UCAN offers free educational videos, as well as a comprehensive, online masterclass to educate parents with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully and safely move their child into the entertainment industry. Owner and creator, Tara Lombardo, is an Emmy Award winning journalist turned actor and mom of two successful acting children. Tara quickly realized that an educational space needed to be created, especially in Georgia where production is quickly becoming the global leader, creating a myriad of opportunities for young creatives, but without the knowledge needed to safely and successfully move them through the space. UCAN’s mission is for parents to understand their rights and young actors to feel empowered to follow their dreams, up-leveling the industry as a whole. UCAN is also actively involved in Gwinnett County Schools offering outreach to students to improve self worth and confidence through various, interactive exercises that emphasize authenticity and empowerment.

Tara Lombardo, Owner/Creator
Facebook and IG: @UnitedChildActorsNetwork

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