Small Business Social Media Toolkit


Communicate how you stand for small with this compilation. Created for owners, entrepreneurs and the corporate citizen alike, share your support with these crafted posts.

Small business is the backbone of our economy. Our success depends on its sustainability. #SupportSmallBiz #GwinnettSmallBiz
As a consumer, you can make conscious decisions that will help support our small business community. #SupportSmallBiz #GwinnettSmallBiz
Keep our economic engine going. Support small business. #SupportSmallBiz #GwinnettSmallBiz
Do your part. Support small. #SupportSmallBiz #GwinnettSmallBiz
Small businesses build community. They are the character and charm that make people want to live, work and play in Gwinnett. #SupportSmallBiz #GwinnettSmallBiz
Could you use a small company for some of your business affairs? Check out the @GwinnettChamber Business Directory. #SupportSmallBiz #GwinnettSmallBiz


Include with the social copy to make a statement about your small business. Click on the images to download the full size version.


Change your social media profile image to this custom frame.

  1. Go to your Facebook profile and tap/click “Edit” on your profile picture.
  2. Then tap/click “Add Frame” and search for “Gwinnett Chamber.”
  3. Select the Small Business frame and select “Use as Profile Picture.”


Add it to your website, business cards and other collateral to share that you are a small business. Click the image to download the full size version.

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