Our 2023 winner of the prestigious Founder Award Bin Liu is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SimpleFLOORS. A growing company headquartered in Suwanee, SimpleFLOORS has eight stores across the country as well as a strong online presence. She and her team serve builders as well as residential and commercial customers and are known for high-quality flooring solutions with ample options, professional installation, reliable service and good prices — a powerful combination.

The Founder Award recognizes entrepreneurs who have demonstrated ingenuity, creativity and success, a description well-suited for Liu. “I was so surprised to win this award, especially when nominated among so many impressive founders,” she says. “The award makes me and everyone on my team so happy and honored.”

Liu opened her company in 2006 and began expanding across the country with franchises shortly thereafter. Her business has experienced successes and challenges over the years as she has navigated economic changes, the rise in e-commerce and even a pandemic. Liu has pivoted between producing materials in locally owned manufacturing facilities and importing materials to achieve the required pricing, environmental standards, and inventory levels.

Liu moved to Suwanee in 1996, drawn by the good quality of life for her family and the favorable business environment. Here, she has found a supportive business community that’s receptive to a diverse range of founders, including women. “Most of the people in my industry are men,” Liu explains. “It can be challenging for me as a woman to build relationships with all the people I need to so my business can grow. Every day is a new challenge. But with hard work and a good community, I’ve found much success here.”

Liu first learned about the Gwinnett Chamber while on a trip to China with business colleagues who told her that the Chamber and particularly the Chairman’s Club would offer important networking opportunities. “Through the Chamber, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people, and everyone is so positive,” says Liu. “The Chairman’s Club has been important for me because that’s where I’ve met executive-level people — the ones making the decisions for businesses. It’s been beneficial to build relationships at Chairman’s Club events and talk about how we can help each other.”

The thing that brings Liu the most satisfaction on the job is the moment a big project is finished, and the customer is happy. “After we’ve delivered high-quality materials and installation on time and on budget, it’s a really good feeling,” she says. She often attends the grand openings of her clients, walking through the spaces and admiring the finished product.

When Liu is not running her successful company, she spends time with her family, serves on several boards and volunteers in the community.

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