Long before Rob Woodall was elected to represent Georgia’s seventh congressional district in 2010, he was already making a difference in the lives of many Georgians. Although it rarely receives the attention it deserves, casework is an underappreciated pillar of a congressional office. However, Congressman Woodall recognized the importance of helping constituents navigate through the web of bureaucracies that comes with federal government. During every visit with businesses, community leaders, and families, Congressman Woodall never fails to offer casework service and partnership through his office, which is why when asked to identify his proudest accomplishment as a Member of Congress, Woodall’s answer is always the same: helping families one at a time through casework.

The Gwinnett Chamber and our members can give testimony to his exceptional service and partnership. Georgia Swarm, the state’s professional lacrosse team and fresh off a 2017 world championship, faced the bureaucratic challenges from the U.S. Department of State (DOS). Prior to the start of their 2018 season, several key players and coaches were stuck in Canada awaiting the delayed issuance of their P-1A visas. Unable to clear the issue directly with the U.S. Embassy, Andy Arlotta, Co-Owner and President, called Woodall’s office for assistance. Shortly after the consular office was alerted of the unjustified delay, the visas were processed and issued. Constituent service was never a promise to cut corners or to put you at the front of the line. Rather, constituent service is a commitment to ensure that the government works for you the way intended. And when you fall victim to the red tape of federal government, through no fault of your own, your elected officials are ready to make the call.

Beyond his service through casework, Congressman Woodall also offered his support and guidance during chamber events throughout the years. Whether through a speaking engagement at Gwinnett Chamber On Topic luncheons or through a show of support at the many ribbon cutting events for our small business members, we are grateful for Congressman Woodall’s accommodating spirit. Notably, the Gwinnett Chamber’s annual Washington D.C. Fly-In event is led by efforts of Derick Corbett, Woodall’s Chief of Staff. From organizing key speakers to arranging tours, his team has worked tirelessly to provide a unique and memorable experience for our members. As the chamber embraced the role of host in this year’s virtual D.C. Fly-In, we were proud to recognize Congressman Woodall for the decade of partnership.

Lastly, the Gwinnett Chamber would not be the voice for business we are today without Congressman Woodall’s leadership in Congress. Bipartisanship is a rarity in the halls of Congress these days. Yet, Congressman Woodall has served on two of the most bipartisan committees: the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. When the I-85 bridge collapsed in 2017, local, state, and federal officials partnered together and delivered a six-week solution to a year-long problem. Similarly, the passage of the FAST Act in 2015 to fund our nation’s infrastructure embodied the bipartisanship that reputed the T&I Committee, where members were focused not on finding who to blame but finding solutions together. When members of our chamber come together to network and learn, they exude the spirit of working together to solve problems.

Here at the Gwinnett Chamber, our mission is to champion business. While we are honored by Congressman Woodall’s leadership as a champion for business, it is his legacy of service to Georgia’s seventh district that will endure forever.


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