What inspired you to begin your business?

Before I went to the University of Akron and Ursuline College, I had to take restaurant and retail jobs. Even though the jobs did not pay much, I quickly moved up the ladder. I was great at “treating people the way that I wanted to be treated”. This great customer service skill allowed me how to connect with my customers and build their trust in me and the company I worked for. The better I treated people, (and I don’t mean a fake nice, I have always been genuine) I noticed the more sales and referrals I was getting. The more sales, the more promotions.

In college I studied Marketing and Communications to enhance my passion for great customer service. I then went on to work at an insurance company for almost 20 years where I have implemented and trained representatives how to interact and engage with their customer for the most ELITE Customer Experience.

Since I have moved to Atlanta, which is one of the top areas in the country where small businesses start, I have noticed that small business owners have amazing ideas for what they sell, and their services and products are awesome, but they do not have a retention strategy in place to train their employees on how to provide their customers with an overall amazing customer experience. I had so many bad customer experiences with small businesses that lacked the proper customer service training.

Being that teaching and training Elite Customer Service/Experience is my passion and expertise, I founded Believing & Achieving so that I can train small business owners and their employees to enable them to grow their businesses and think like big, successful businesses. And let’s face it, since our customers are our primary focus and that is how we make our living, we need to make sure that our customers are happy. I want to help these small businesses grow their businesses and brands.

Who was your first client?

My first client was a real estate/credit repair specialist who needed help engaging and connecting with her clients.

Where did you begin your business? In your basement, at your home? How has that changed from your location today?

I began my business in my home office. I am still in my home office training virtually due to Covid.

What piece of advice would you tell your self when you started out? Any success tips you want to share?

Give yourself grace. Success involves time, hard work and dedication. Just as you should “treat other people the way that you want to be treated”, also remember to be kind and patient with yourself and your progress. Building a successful business is not easy. There will be good days, bad days, tears and accomplishments, but you must embrace them all because it is all a part of your journey. And last but not least, if you try something for a while and it’s not working, learn from that and go to Plan B.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of myself for never giving up when all of the odds were against me. I was a young single mom with no education and now I have attended college and learned skills that will help other businesses grow. I used customer service as a leverage for me to get ahead in my career. I am proud that I kept going and now I can bless others who want to succeed.

Anything else interesting that you want to share?

I am a black owned business.


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