Husband and wife dental team Drs. Uday and Shetal Parikh, came to Gwinnett County from New York City more than sixteen years ago hoping for a slower-paced life. Not only did they find a more balanced lifestyle for family, work, and community involvement, but they have also grown their full-service family dental practice, Dentistry 4 You, based on providing patients with more of the same – time.

“People are looking for time and convenience. By providing all of the dental services in one spot, that’s what we offer,” said Uday Parikh. Between Uday and Shetal, the Drs. Parikh cover the majority of dental services a working professional and their family would need at their office in Suwanee.

This dedication to serving individual needs with time and convenience in mind has certainly attracted business, but Uday Parikh said that many of the patients come to – and stay with – their practice because they know the Parikhs through their extensive community involvement.

“Because we live in the community, we have made that special connection,” said Uday Parikh. “A lot of times our kids have gone to the same schools. I see people in the local grocery store and we’re in the community getting involved in other things. It’s that personal connection that we make with a lot of our patients. That is what has really grown our practice.”

Uday Parikh is also offering his time and convenience benefits to his contacts at the Gwinnett Chamber’s Chairman’s Club. He is offering fellow Chairman’s Club members personalized dentistry services to fit their time.

“If it means that we have to work late or come in on Saturdays or do things within a certain time frame, I want to offer that kind of service to the busy executive,” said Uday Parikh. Chairman’s Club members can contact Uday or Dentistry 4 You for more information.

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