The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce (GCOC) and Georgia Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (GVACC) have agreed to participate in an alliance and made it official at the Gwinnett Chamber’s March board meeting. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is meant to encourage and further collaboration between the two parties to best serve their members. 

The Georgia Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit membership organization, 501 (c)(6), with the vision and mission to create a sustainable competitive advantage for its general members and give back to the Vietnamese community. As the voice of the Vietnamese business in Georgia, GVACC’s goal is to strengthen the Vietnamese business community through advocacy, promotion, education, networking and unification. 

“The opportunity to partner and collaborate could not have come at a better time. The two organizations share a common goal, which is to advocate and provide a resource for businesses to connect and thrive,” said Michael Tran, Vice President and founding member of GVACC. “Through this greater alliance, we look forward to creating meaningful change and working together to inspire and support each other so that, we both, can further promote and advance the businesses and economic development within our community for a healthy and inclusive economy. On behalf of the Vietnamese-American businesses and community, we are greatly honored and look forward to working closely with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.” 

In addition to a collaborative partnership, this alliance is formed to develop a mutual understanding and working relationship between the two chambers.  

“We continue to be intentional in our outreach to our bi-lateral chamber partners, and we are excited to have formalized another agreement,” said Nick Masino, President & CEO, Gwinnett Chamber and Partnership Gwinnett. “I was glad to re-connect with Mike Tran in Washington D.C. at the National Summit of Vietnamese American Leaders in 2011. As Gwinnett County accounts for about a third of the state’s nearly 60,000 Vietnamese population, our partnership with the Vietnamese-American business community is vital to the county and region’s economic growth.” 

It reads as follows: 

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce (GCOC) and Georgia Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce (GVACC) have agreed to participate in an alliance.  

WHEREAS, the purpose of this MOU is to encourage and further collaboration between the two parties to best serve their members and the diverse community. 

WHEREAS, GCOC and GVACC acknowledge that many current residents of Gwinnett County have a Vietnamese heritage or are citizens of Vietnam. 

WHEREAS, it is recognized that there are abundant and exceptional resources for both parties to grow their membership and support their members. 

WHEREAS, this agreement and any information concerning its terms and conditions is Gwinnet Chamber of Commerce and Georgia Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce’s proprietary information. This agreement is effective on the date it is signed by all parties (“Effective Date”). 

  1. TERM: This agreement outlines an alliance between GCOC and GVACC for 12 months.  

This agreement can be extended for an indefinite term by written notice by both parties at least 90 days before the Initial Term expires.  


GCOC and GVACC cooperate to achieve the following purposes:  

  1. GCOC and GVACC will participate in a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony on March 11, 2021, with the event planning led by the GCOC and the event promoted by both organizations. GCOC will draft a joint press release to be approved by GVACC and will distribute it to appropriate media outlets.  
  1. Both will partner on at least two events per year. GCOC will partner on the content and speaker selection for any partnership event.  
  1. Encourage and promote exchanges of visits by delegations and business persons of the two party’s regions and extend cooperation and assistance to the visitors.  

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