The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce (GCOC) and Korean-American Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta-Georgia (GAKACC) have agreed to participate in an alliance and made it official at its August board meeting. This Memorandum of Understanding is meant to encourage and further collaboration between the two parties to best serve their members and the diverse community. 

“Gwinnett continues to seek opportunities for collaboration among a rapidly changing demographic. An MOU was signed with the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce last year, and we are excited to announce the signing of one this week with the Georgia Korean American Chamber of Commerce,” says Gwinnett Chamber Board Chair Tammy Shumate. “These alliances allow collaboration on issues vital to the membership of these influential business associations. This agreement formalizes the mutual commitments to each other, which in turn, will benefit our members and the region. We all want a vibrant community, world-class schools and businesses that thrive. Working together gives us strength in numbers and a unified voice to protect our pro-business environment.” 

In addition to collaborative partnershipthis alliance is formed to develop a mutual understanding and working relationship between the two chambers. 

“GAKACC is so glad that it connected with the Gwinnett Chamber and can have collaborative events in future. Thanks to the MOU, the members of GAKACC can have opportunities to participate in events where they can meet other CEOs of companies in Gwinnett and community leaders in economic development,” says GAKACC President Simon Lee. By learning more about the community in addition to the Korean community, GAKACC and its members can find what they can do to make the community a more robust place to run the businesses. GAKACC will help GCOC to reach out to the Korean community as well and GCOC and GAKACC have a great potential to grow together. I am very excited about the opportunity and look forward to a productive partnership with GCOC.” 

It reads as follows:

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce (GCOC) and Korean-American Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta-Georgia (GAKACC) have agreed to participate in an alliance.  

WHEREAS, the purpose of this MOU is to encourage and further collaboration between the two parties to best serve their members and the diverse community. 

WHEREAS, GCOC and GAKACC acknowledge that many current residents of Gwinnett County have a Korean heritage or are citizens of the Republic of Korea. 

WHEREAS, it is recognized that there are abundant and exceptional resources for both parties to grow their membership and support their members. 

WHEREAS, this agreement and any information concerning its terms and conditions is Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and Korean-American Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta-Georgia’s proprietary information. This agreement is effective on the date it is signed by all parties (“Effective Date”).

GCOC and GAKACC cooperate to achieve the following purposes:

a. GCOC and GAKACC will participate in a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony on August 13, 2020, with the event planning led by the GCOC and the event promoted by both organizations. GCOC will draft a joint press release to be approved by GAKACC and will distribute it to appropriate media outlets. 

b. Both will partner on at least two events per yearGCOC will partner on the content and speaker selection for any partnership event. 

c. Encourage and promote exchanges of visits by delegations and business persons of the two party’s regions and extend cooperation and assistance to the visitors. 


d. GCOC benefits: Trade membership for GAKACC executive leadership and GCOC staff (including but not limited to President & CEO, VP of Economic Development, Director of Economic Development, Sr. Director of Membership Services & Small Business Initiatives, Director of Membership Development, Manager, Public Policy & Community Affairswill receive the GAKACC membership rate to attend GAKACC events 

e. GAKACC benefits: Trade membership for GAKACC executive leadership (including but not limited to President, VP of External Affairs, VP of Internal Affairs, VP of Business PlanningVP of Public Relations, Secretary General, and Special Assistant to the President) and GCOC staff will receive the GCOC membership rate to attend GCOC events.  

Marketing and Public Relations: 

a. GCOC has agreed to promote any joint events through social media and will promote GAKACC as a partner when appropriate. 

b. GAKACC will promote GCOC as a partner when appropriate. 

c. GCOC and the GAKACC will include the other organization’s logo on their respective websites as an affiliate partner organization. The two organizations will promote the other’s news as appropriate.  


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