At their August board meeting, the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) board voted on 17 transit projects in Metro Atlanta to be considered for state funding in the FY 2023 budget. Five of those projects are in Gwinnett County:

  • New vehicles to serve a new Lawrenceville-to-Snellville fixed route ($3.5M)
  • A new transit center in the Gwinnett Place area ($20M)
  • New vehicles to serve a new Doraville-to-Athens express bus route ($3M)
  • New vehicles for a new microtransit zone in the Buford/Suwanee area ($800k)
  • New vehicles for a new microtransit zone in the Lawrenceville/Dacula area ($800k)

The ATL Board plans to share this list with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget and the General Assembly. These projects will be considered in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget. The projects include new bus routes from Lawrenceville to Snellville and Doraville to Athens, enhancements to the Gwinnett Place Transit Center, and microtransit services. Potential state funding could be allocated from a new state revenue source dedicated to transit uses enacted in 2020 (user fees on ride share, taxi, and limo services) or from the state’s annual bond package. The remaining funds would be supported by Gwinnett County Transit.

The Gwinnett Chamber fully supports the five projects under consideration as it aligns with the chamber’s public policy agenda of transit mobility and public transit expansion. Furthermore, these projects will further seamless, efficient services for riders and provide greater access to transit throughout the county.

For more information on the five projects, click here.

About the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority
The ATL was created by the Georgia General Assembly during the 2018 legislative session to provide coordinated transit planning and funding for the metro Atlanta region. The ATL is responsible for developing the ATL Regional Transit Plan, as well as identifying and prioritizing the projects and initiatives required to develop region-wide transit. The ATL is also charged with creating a unified regional transit system brand. Effective July 1, 2020, the ATL was legislatively authorized to oversee the state’s Xpress regional commuter transit system and the Atlanta region’s vanpool system. The population of metro Atlanta is growing rapidly and projected to add an additional 2.5 million residents by 2040. The ATL is a critical step towards more efficient and effective transit and mobility in the region. For more information on Xpress and the ATL, visit

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