The general assembly spent this week in budget hearings for Amended Fiscal Year 23 and Fiscal Year 24 budgets. Governor Brian Kemp and state agency heads presented their budget requests to the Appropriations Committees. Attached is a copy of the Governor’s proposed AFY23 & FY24 budgets.

On Wednesday, the Gwinnett Chamber members heard from Moore Hallmark with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Dave Williams with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce on what we can expect during this year’s legislative sessions in Washington D.C. and Georgia. Read the recap here.

Legislators will resume business on Monday with Legislative Day 5. Below are more notable leadership positions assigned this week by Governor Kemp, Speaker Jon Burns, and Lt. Governor Burt Jones (Bold means Gwinnett legislator):

Governor Kemp’s 2023-2024 Senate Floor Leaders

Sen. Bo Hatchett, Senate District 50

Sen. Mike Hodges, Senate District 3


Governor Kemp’s 2023-2024 House of Representatives Floor Leaders

Rep. Lauren McDonald, House District 26

Rep. Soo Hong, House District 103

Rep. Will Wade, House District 9

Rep. Matthew Gambill, House District 15


Notable House Committee Leaders

Creative Arts & Entertainment

  • Chairman:  Rep. Kasey Carpenter
  • Vice Chairman:  Rep. Scott Hilton

Defense & Veterans Affairs

  • Chairman:  Rep. Josh Bonner
  • Vice Chairman:  Rep. David Clark


  • Chairman:  Rep. Chris Erwin
  • Vice Chairman:  Rep. Scott Hilton


  • Chairman:  Rep. Stan Gunter
  • Vice Chairman:  Rep. Matt Reeves

Reapportionment & Redistricting

  • Chairman:  Rep. Rob Leverett
  • Vice Chairman:  Rep. Soo Hong 

Small Business Development

  • Chairman:  Rep. Mike Cheokas
  • Vice Chairman:  Rep. Rey Martinez

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Gwinnett Chamber facilities will be under renovation.