The general assembly was back in session this week for legislative days 5-8. On Wednesday, Governor Kemp delivered his annual State of the State Address. Governor Kemp touted the recent economic development projects that will bring over $17 billion in investment. He plans to focus on both the workforce shortage and workforce housing challenges that threaten our competitive status for jobs and talent. He also reaffirmed his tough-on-crime stance with legislative proposals to increase penalties on gangs and gang activity.

Governor Kemp highlighted his proposal for another $2,000 pay raise for K-12 teachers in his FY24 budget. Also highlighted in his budget proposal were line items for healthcare: $4.5 million in loan repayment programs for Georgia’s healthcare workers and a $1.7 million investment for 102 residency slots.

Watch the Governor’s full speech here or read the speech here.

State Senator Elena Parent gave the official Democratic response shortly after, noting the continued challenges in wages, healthcare access, and public safety. Democratic lawmakers’ priorities include raising the minimum wage, further boosting teacher pay, expanding Medicaid, and investing in community-based violence prevention measures.

Watch Senator Parent’s full speech here.

Legislators will resume business on Monday with Legislative Day 9.

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