The General Assembly convened this week for Legislative Days 9-12. On Thursday, lawmakers passed the Amended Fiscal Year 2023 Budget that includes a one-time property tax exemption that would save Georgia homeowners an average of $500.

Other notable AFY23 budget items:

  • $60,000 safety grant per K-12 school
  • One-time $250-$300 bonus for retired state government employees

At this month’s Public Policy Advisory Committee meeting, committee members heard from Representatives Dewey McClain and Gregg Kennard. McClain shared that his top legislative priorities are transportation, education, and public safety. McClain is the 2023-2024 Chair of the Gwinnett State House Delegation. Rep. Kennard talked about HB 171, which was introduced in the House Wednesday, would restrict access to arrest only records for nonviolent offenses until the individual has been convicted.

State Senator Clint Dixon introduced SB 28 that would repeal a state law that fixes the salary of county commissioners in a county with a population greater than 500,000.  

State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick introduced HB 14 that would give employers a $9,600 tax credit per hired employee who completed a certified workforce readiness program in Georgia.

State Representative Soo Hong introduced HB 128 that seeks to increase the representation of businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans in the procurement of state contracts for construction, services, equipment, and goods.

State Senator Greg Dolezal introduced SB 26 that would allow development authorities and community improvement districts to hold virtual meetings and public hearings.

Legislators will resume business on Monday for Legislative Day 13.

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