While most associate Washington D.C. politics with the colors red and blue, green was most dominant among guests during Friday’s Congressional Welcome Luncheon presented by Gateway85. A show of neutrality could have been the reason. St. Patrick’s Day may have also played a role.

Nonetheless, the Gwinnett Chamber was honored to host the three Members of Congress that represent portions of Gwinnett County: Congressman Andrew Clyde (GA-9), Congresswoman Lucy McBath (GA-7), and Congressman Rich McCormick (GA-6). With the newly redistricted congressional maps, Gwinnett gained parts of Georgia’s Sixth and Ninth Congressional Districts. Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District lost its previous territory in Forsyth while concentrating most of its square mileage in Gwinnett. Attendees were able to hear from each Member as they shared about their commitments and priorities. Local partnerships were the common thread.

McBath opened the program with her commitment to secure federal funding for critical transportation and infrastructure projects in Gwinnett. She also thanked the local elected officials in the room for their willingness to partner with her.

Clyde followed with his promise to return power from Congress to constituents by continuing to fight for fiscal responsibility and government accountability. He also appreciated learning more about his newly acquired Gwinnett area through many site visits including Gwinnett Technical College and the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center.

McCormick concluded the event by reminding attendees of America’s unique strengths due to its government and principles, each centered around freedom and opportunity. He, along with the other Members, touted constituent casework, a key service offered by Members of Congress for those grappling with federal agencies.

Today’s event was quite possibly the first time – outside the walls of the House Chamber – that these three Members have broken bread together. It is true that some traditions are certain: Chicago dyes its river green. New York and Boston throw one of the largest parades in the country. And, here in Gwinnett, thanks to a little ‘luck of the Irish’, our community’s federal leaders came together and demonstrated how our unique backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and rights are all cause for celebration and absolutely worth defending.

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Gwinnett Chamber facilities are currently under renovation.