Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson headlined the annual State of the County Address yesterday, presented by Axis and HNTB and hosted by the Gwinnett Chamber and Council for Quality Growth. The event, held at 12 Stone Church, convened a diverse audience of more than 1,000 business and community leaders to celebrate collective accomplishments and gain insights into the vision shaping Gwinnett’s trajectory.

“Sometimes, opportunity isn’t obvious. It’s developed. It’s pursued. It’s nurtured. It’s the decision we make every single day to keep the doors of opportunity open for everyone,” said Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson. “With shared purpose, I call on residents and businesses to ensure the pathways to prosperity remain accessible to all who call Gwinnett home.”

For over 36 years, the collaborative efforts of the Gwinnett Chamber and Council for Quality Growth have united business and community stakeholders, catalyzing growth in Metro Atlanta’s dynamic landscape.

Nick Masino, President & CEO of the Gwinnett Chamber and Partnership Gwinnett, emphasized the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in maintaining Gwinnett’s position as an economic powerhouse. “Chairwoman Hendrickson’s leadership has propelled Gwinnett’s economy forward, reinforcing its reputation as a beacon of excellence within the region,” noted Masino. “We commend her visionary approach, which has yielded tangible benefits for our business community.”

Echoing this sentiment, Michael Paris, President & CEO of the Council for Quality Growth, underscored Gwinnett’s commitment to sustainable development. “Gwinnett’s steadfast dedication to delivering superior services and cultivating a distinctive identity has positioned it as a magnet for growth in Metro Atlanta,” remarked Paris. “The Council is honored to collaborate with the Gwinnett Chamber in spotlighting the County’s achievements year after year.” 

Continuing its commitment to community engagement, the Gwinnett Chamber will host the annual VALOR Public Safety Awards program on March 14, 2024. This esteemed event honors the bravery and selflessness of first responders, recognizing their unwavering dedication to safeguarding Gwinnett citizens. To register, please visit

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