Engineer turned attorney, Ron Baker, helps drive growth in our area by serving small- and mid-sized business that are innovating and need help protecting and capitalizing on their inventions. He has built a thriving law firm – Baker & Company Law Group in Alpharetta, Georgia – that serves clients with intellectual property (IP) protection, dispute resolution and a broad range of corporate law needs.

A member of the Gwinnett Chamber Chairman’s Club, Baker and his firm serve clients in Gwinnett County and throughout the Atlanta area. Their reach is expanding even further now as they have recently been awarded a multiyear contract from the Department of Defense for IP services.

But this was not always Baker’s path. After serving in the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he studied mechanical engineering at Auburn University where he was fascinated by the connection between engineering and patent law.

Upon graduation, he dove into his engineering career at companies such as the Honda Motor Company and others, moving up the ranks and actively driving patent applications. He helped establish and participated on Intellectual Property Review Boards at multiple companies, getting real-world experience in securing, defending and monetizing patents.

Baker enjoyed success as an engineer and department leader, but he realized he could make an even bigger impact in the IP space as an attorney. “Everything we are as a city, state and nation is built off the back of IP and the individuals who are out there innovating,” Baker adds.

He headed back to school, attending Mercer University School of Law, and then launched Baker & Company Law Group.

“When I graduated from law school, I noticed that a lot of small- and mid-sized companies didn’t have the funding or support to grow their IP departments and realize the full value of their inventions,” Baker recalls. “With my background, I knew how to set up those internal operations and work through patents to build their portfolios.”

His firm has grown to four attorneys plus a paralegal with more hires on the horizon. He and his team are passionate about helping small- and mid-sized businesses. Baker explains: “These businesses are the true economic engine of the state, especially in the Atlanta area where we are seeing such growth in the technology sector. This success attracts other businesses and talent to the area, compounding the growth.”

While patent law may have drawn Baker into the legal field, he and his firm help clients with a broader range of legal matters including contracts, licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, board matters, and much more.

Baker is the Managing Attorney at Baker & Company Law Group, and he is an active member of the Gwinnett Chamber and surrounding community. He lives in Alpharetta with his wife and two children.

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