King of Kings tax and accounting firm wants you to think like a millionaire. “People think it’s about the money. It’s not about the money; it’s a mentality,” said Karen Quintanilla, King of King’s co-founder and Senior Accountant. Everything from how you eat, to what you wear, and how you exercise needs to align with the life you want to lead, she said.

Defining that “life worth leading” and giving individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners the financial education and guidance to reach it is what sets King of Kings apart. “We help people find their Big Why,” Quintanilla said. “Changing lives is what makes us different.”

King of Kings, founded in 2012 by Quintanilla and her husband Juan, offers bookkeeping, accounting, business advisory, investment, and tax services to a wide variety of industries, including law firms, real estate companies, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals from all over the country. With twelve employees in Norcross and Brookhaven offices, the Quintanillas specialize in performing deep analyses of their clients’ financial lives to find issues that might be blocking them from their goals.

“When you go to the doctor for a headache, they don’t just hand you two Tylenol; they do a full body analysis,” Quintanilla said. “We are accountants. We have to find out what the issue is, where the issue is coming from, or if the issue is a symptom of something bigger.”

To address some of the more common knowledge deficits business owners have about finances, Quintanilla is developing an educational program slated for late summer 2022. The program will help guide business owners through tax planning, smart investing, and other mentality shifts that will help them grow.

“Our purpose is to help people find their purpose,” Quintanilla said. “I love seeing how they flourish after being given the right education and insight.”

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