As the 2023 Moxie Award ceremony approaches, last year’s winner shares insights on what it means to have moxie and why it’s valuable for business leaders to attend this award ceremony.

“Being recognized by peers that you respect and have looked up to for years means more than you can imagine,” says Jennifer Fennell, District Manager at Jackson EMC and Gwinnett Chamber’s 2022 Moxie Award winner. Each year, the Moxie Awards recognize an elite group of women who are making things happen in Gwinnett County and beyond.

“There is a huge force of women who pour into all the people and companies in this area to make sure this community continues to grow,” says Fennell. “But women often overlook their own accomplishments and, as a general rule, we don’t toot our own horns very well.”

That’s one reason she believes the Moxie Awards are so important. “These awards create a platform for all of us to celebrate the women in our lives,” she adds. “It’s a reminder for the winners that your peers see the choices you’re making for leadership and connectedness and respect you.”

She notes that the Moxie Award ceremony is unlike any other. “It’s a loud event with an expressive group of women who are absolutely supportive of each other. There’s a huge sense of pride for the accomplishments of each other, and it’s so enjoyable to celebrate together.”

Her advice for businesswomen who aspire to win a Moxie award? “Be yourself. Spend time learning exactly who you are — your gifts and talents — and show up as yourself every single day,” she says. “By being authentic, you present the best version of yourself and can more easily see how you can share with others and make things better.”

Fennell shows up in many ways across the community. At Jackson EMC, she is responsible for the relationship that the company has with the community including businesses, nonprofits, members and employees. “It’s my responsibility and pleasure to work with these groups to find ways that Jackson EMC can support the community so we all can continue to thrive,” Fennell says.

She also shows up through volunteerism with the Rotary Club of Sugarloaf and Leadership Gwinnett, as well as serving on a number of boards throughout our community.

Fennell is active with the Gwinnett Chamber, including the Chairman’s Club, where she enjoys connecting members with each other and having input on key issues in the community. “The Chamber absolutely lives up to their motto of championing business,” she says. “My involvement with the Chamber has been tremendously helpful for my career. It has helped me meet people and has opened doors with companies from small businesses all the way to Fortune 500.”

Looking back on being named the 2022 Moxie Award winner, Fennell is grateful for the recognition and all the people who have played a role in her success. “Nobody gets here alone. It took mentors and a lot of people supporting me through the zigs and zags,” she adds. “When we see people at a successful point in their careers, it looks really easy and we skip over the parts that are messy. But those are the parts that make you more interesting and teach you valuable lessons that you can share with others.”

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