The Gwinnett Chamber recently hosted experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) during its December OnTopic membership luncheon presented by Rocket IT

During the presentation, FBI experts shared insights and key strategies for how the Bureau works to identify, disrupt, and neutralize cyber threats. They highlighted China as a continued technology threat, especially through social media platforms and noted various U.S. Government policies in place to support an offensive approach to protecting our national security.

FBI officials noted that 90% of successful breaches require only the most basic techniques like the use of QR codes. 85% of those took an average of 5-months to discover, and 95% of all malwares can be missed by anti-virus scans.

So, what can businesses do to support the FBI’s efforts and diminish the impact of cyber-attacks? First, identify their most valuable assets and invest in safety measures to protect those assets first. Second, partner with the FBI’s Office of the Private Sector to ensure their organization is doing all it can to neutralize threats before they start. And finally, stay alert and put processes in place to track visitors to the office and monitor abnormal employee behaviors. Agents summarized their message by sharing that businesses are more than likely always being targeted. Assume this as fact, and act accordingly.

The Gwinnett Chamber’s next On Topic is the annual Legislative Luncheon in January 2023. For details and more information, please visit







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