Saying ‘thank you’ was a key takeaway in the Gwinnett Chamber’s December 2021 On Topic featuring Billy Milam, CEO of Hire Dynamics and EmployBridge. Milam, who gave a nod in his opening remarks to Gwinnett’s current 2.8% unemployment rate, was talking about how to recruit good employees and retain them, noting throughout his presentation that appreciation, communication and recognition were overarching themes for why employees either stayed at or accepted a job.

Milam poured through survey statistics that his company had conducted over the last year, noting that over half of all employees would have stayed in a job had they received more appreciation and gratitude for their contributions. In addition to gratitude, he highlighted that the leading reason for leaving a job is no longer because of a bad manager (11%) or poor wages (9%), but rather a lack of career development (22%). Investing in an employee’s professional trajectory, creating a clear path for recognition through advancement, leads to higher retention rates. And if that was not enough, it all came back to communication. Whether appreciating an employee and saying thank you more often, or recognizing them with a promotion, communicating sets the tone and culture of a company. And more than 89% of all employees prefer organizations with a clearly communicated mission and purpose, i.e., a healthy culture. In the end, organizations with clear purpose, strong culture and effective communication win the best and most loyal employees.

To view Mr. Milam’s presentation, please CLICK HERE.

This event, presented by Rocket IT, is a monthly program of the Gwinnett Chamber and hosts an array of speakers and topics designed to support an ever-flourishing economic climate and champion business in Gwinnett. To learn more about our On Topic luncheons, visit our event page at

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