The Gwinnett Chamber took leaders to Boston in September for its annual Strategic Leadership Visit presented by Jackson EMC. 83 business professionals and community leaders embarked on a learning adventure in one of the nation’s most historic and renowned metro communities.  

Delegates met with local officials, corporate executives, and community workers to glean best practices for economic development, talent advancement, mobility, parks, the arts, and community redevelopment. The event began with a welcome from James E. Rooney, President of the Greater Boston Chamber, and moved quickly into a discussion with local leaders from the Metro Boston Transit Authority (MBTA) on how to improve bus service in metro areas. On the second day of the trip, delegates immersed themselves in the world of talent development, hearing from leaders at Somerville Public Schools and learning about their career technical education (CTE) programs. The day moved into setting the vision for creating the next generation of urban spaces and delegates learned how metro area leaders were utilizing the concept of adaptive reuse to meet the needs of their citizens. Of course, the visit could not go without a solid look at parks, trails, greenspace, and the Arts in Boston and how the Waltham Land Trust has been able to connect more areas of the community through these key amenities. Delegates also heard from Skanska USA about the Seaport District around Boston Harbor. 

Likely the best summary of this year’s visit to Boston can be found in an anonymous author’s slight and abbreviated variation to Longfellow’s poem on Paul Revere’s ride. 

The Gwinnettians are Coming! The Gwinnettians are Coming! 

Listen, all partners, and you shall hear, 
Of Gwinnett’s trip to Boston. Strategically here, 
In this thriving region where knowledge is power, 
Leaders can innovate hour ‘pon hour. 

One if by land, 83 if by air, 
And staff, on the concourse, ready with care, 
Will greet them, and host them, and show them around, 
Till their feet, in their shoes, can no more leap or bound. 

The Red Sox will win. The leaders learn much, 
About job growth, and talent, and housing and such. 
A trip for the decades, impactful and swift, 
Delivers ideas that communities can lift! 

Now, back home they must go; to work they must get. 
But Innovation has won, and best practices met.  
The vision is clear. The pathway is set. 
To champion business… the best to come, yet! 

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Gwinnett Chamber facilities are currently under renovation.