The General Assembly convened this week for Legislative Days 13-16. Legislators will resume business on Monday for Legislative Day 17. Activity has started to pick up as more than 200 bills have been introduced in the House and nearly 100 in the Senate. Lawmakers have until March 6 (Crossover Day) to pass a bill out of their chamber for it to still be considered. Below are some noteworthy bills:

TikTok Ban Legislation

After Governor Kemp informed state agencies that the social media app, TikTok, would be banned on all state devices last year, Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Jason Anavitarte introduced SB 93 that would prohibit a state employee from installing or using a social media platform that is controlled or influenced by a foreign adversary recognized by the GEMA on state equipment. The bill would also require GEMA to maintain and update a list of foreign adversaries. The bill has been referred to the Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Committee.

At the chamber’s December On Topic, representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did caution TikTok users of the app’s access to user information and data.

Minimum Wage Legislation

Two minimum wage bills are being led by members of the Gwinnett Legislative Delegation. House Delegation Chair Dewey McClain introduced HB 241 this week. Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler introduced SB 25 earlier this session. Both bills would increase the state’s minimum wage from $5.15 to $15 per hour.

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